Toyota Presents Scholarships to Two Students in STEM-Related Studies

It is a known fact that the Toyota Motor Company cares for people. As evidence of that, the automaker has often hosted and sponsored charitable causes. In doing so, it aims to nurture a more prosperous community and—by extent of that—a more prosperous society as a whole. In fact, it recently awarded students in North Texas and Southern California over $110,000 in scholarships to help them continue their STEM-related studies.

One student who received a scholarship from the Toyota Motor Company was David Thang, a 17-year old who overcame illiteracy while growing up in a small Myanmar town devastated by Burmese military control. However, Thang continued to fight against all odds and is now one step closer to realizing his dream of becoming a doctor. His tenacity to achieve greatness is inspiring and is the reason why Toyota does what it can to provide support. 22 other deserving students like him also received financial aid.

This is just one example of how Toyota puts people first, and at Concord Toyota, we could not be more honored to be a part of this brand.

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