What’s On Your Travel Checklist?

’Tis the season to travel around Concord, CA! Here we are offering a few tips and tricks to help make your seasonal trips as smooth as possible.

  1. Check your fluids: oil, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid. This is a very easy pre-trip tip that is very inexpensive. You can buy all of these from a local auto store.
  2. Tires: Perform a quick inspection of each tire to make sure the tread looks safe enough for your travels. Don't forget the tire pressure! Too little and too much air is equally as dangerous. Make sure it has the right amount.
  3. Car & driver information: Double check that you have all of the paperwork needed in case of an accident or an emergency. This includes up to date registration, car insurance card (or copy of policy number), and make sure all drivers bring their license.
  4. Emergency items: Pack a small bag of items just in case, and include headache medication, tissues, sunglasses, etc.

From the Concord Toyota team to your family – Happiest holiday travels!

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