Tires Of All Shapes & Sizes. Which Kind Does Your Vehicle Need?

Your car needs traction for powerful acceleration, the efficiency of the brakes, maintaining control when steering, and sharp handling. To achieve the desired driving experience you need to have the right kind of tires on your car.

There are various sizes of tire, models, and designs made by multiple manufacturers that are meant for different types of performance. Therefore selecting the right tire can be the confusing and challenging task. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying the tire.

  • First, what kind of vehicle do you have? Cars, trucks, and SUVs all need different tires. Many SUVs and trucks have bigger, thicker tires that provide maximum traction for off-roading or towing. Cars or sedans generally have tires with shallow treads for maximum contact with the road. There are also performance tires for sports cars that are designed to handle higher speeds.
  • Next you will need to decide between having summer, winter, or all season tires. Winter tires have deep treads and handle cold weather better than summer tires. Summer tires are designed for warmer weather and have a tread design that avoids hydroplaning. All season tires can be used year round.

Our parts team can help find the perfect tires for your vehicle and desired driving experience.

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