Overview of Toyota Prius Safety Features

In Concord, the Toyota Prius is one of the most highly regarded hybrids on the roads. The Prius has garnered this position for a number of reasons, including its outstanding array of effective safety features. If you have questions about the Toyota Prius safety features, the highly experienced crew at Concord Toyota can provide you any information you desire.

One of the important Toyota Prius safety features is its high-tech pre-collision detection system. This reliable system comes complete with all-important pedestrian alert. When activated, the pre-collision system provides both a visual and audio alert. In addition, it is also designed to warn of the presence of a pedestrian.

Another of the key Toyota Prius safety features is automatic high beams. The high beams activate whenever prevailing conditions necessitate the more powerful illumination. In addition, the automatic high beam system on the Toyota Prius also lower when another vehicle approaches.



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