As the roads around the Bay Area consistently get busier with each passing year, it becomes more important than ever to have a vehicle that will not only protect you in an accident, but can even help you avoid them. The new Toyota RAV4 does just that, thanks to Toyota Safety Sense and a suite of new advanced driver assistance features. Our Toyota dealership in the Bay Area is here to talk you through just what these systems can do for you, so you can drive with confidence.

Perhaps the most important driver assistance feature when it comes to keeping you and your family safe on the road is the forward collision alert system. By using a series of radar sensors combined with cameras, your Toyota RAV4 scans the road ahead for obstacles and warns you if a stopped or slow vehicle or pedestrian is in your path. Perfect for those busy city streets where there are so many thigns to keep track of, this system acts as a second pair of eyes to help keep you out of trouble. It will send out an auditory signal if it detects a potential impact and you’ll be able to hit the brakes to avoid the accident. However, if you fail to react quickly enough, automatic emergency braking can step in to help reduce the impact and can possibly even prevent it in the right circumstances.

You’ll also enjoy a set of sensors at the back that do far more than monitor your blind spots. While blind spot monitoring is key for this situations where your mirrors just can’t quite see well enough, features such as rear cross traffic alert use them to help you in a whole new way. If you’ve ever been backing out of a parking space between two larger SUVs and wished something could tell you whether or not there was traffic coming, your wish has been granted. Much like the forward collision alert system, you’ll get an auditory warning if you are about to back into oncoming traffic so you can stop and allow it to pass without causing an accident. Great for both parking lots and driveways, this system protects you from being a sitting duck while you’re trying to set off on your journey.

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