One of the most scary feelings during rainy weather can be the loss of steering or braking control due to hydroplaning. Our service manager at Concord Toyota explains that when there is water pooling on the roadways during the first minutes of rainfall, the tires can't displace the water quickly enough, causing the tires to skid over the surface of the water rather than grip the roadway. Here is some proven advice on how to avoid hydroplaning when driving in rainy weather.

Test the air pressure and tread on your tires on a regular basis to meet recommended levels. Replace or rotate tires as needed. It's essential to reduce your driving speed during rainfall. Turn off your cruise control and maintain a slow but steady speed. Avoid making sharp curves or turns. Avoid driving in lanes where water has pooled if possible. Keep your tires and brake equipment well maintained by scheduling a service appointment at our Toyota service department.



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