Anyone who has travelled with a dog knows there are more than a few things to watch out for when carting around our four-legged family members. Everything from climate control to seat upholstery and tinted windows affect how well our dogs cope with a day of traveling, and the Toyota RAV4 is an Autotrader Top 10 Best Vehicles for Dogs pick. The new inventory at Concord Toyota has several RAV4 models to choose from, so if you’re looking for the best SUV for traveling with your dog, visit our Bay Area Toyota dealership today!

The RAV4 features tinted glass that helps keep your interior cooler so your dog doesn’t get overheated. This doesn’t allow you to leave your dog in the hot car while you step away, but it does make traveling easier as the rear seat area will see less heat from sunlight. Rear air vents help things along even further by directly providing air conditioning to the second-row seats.

The synthetic leather seats help make your life easier as well. This material is not only durable enough to hold up to your dog’s claws, but it’s easy to keep clean as well. So when you’re done with that sandy run at the beach, don’t worry about any residual sand or mud getting inside, you’ll be able to simply wipe it clean at your convenience.

The folding second-row seats give your dog more space to spread out when you don’t have a car full of passengers on board. Whether you need to bring along larger supplies such as a crate or just want to give your four-legged friend more room to explore while you ride, the expansive cargo area of the RAV4 is a perfect place for your dog to hang out while you drive.

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