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Luxury is in the Details of the New Toyota Avalon

Luxury and class are not always in the most obvious places, but they are always in the details. The new Avalon makes that abundantly clear with the smallest attention to detail. This ride is more like a luxury sedan than a Toyota.

Details like the real wood grain trim are what set this sedan apart from the crowd. Few other vehicles in its class compare with all this upgraded luxury, and it’s not the only detail designers added. The other small detail that makes the biggest difference in the interior is the two-tone stitching in the cognac leather. It…

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What Trim Levels Does the Toyota Yaris Offer?

When Toyota first marketed cars in the U.S., it sold sub-compact vehicles as a matter of course. Later years saw Toyota move into the compact, mid-sized, and large vehicle markets, often upgrading existing models into a larger field. Toyota has not vacated the sub-compact class of vehicles. The Toyota Yaris fills that niche of the market quite well.

Toyota offers the Yaris in three trims: L, LE, and SE. Bear in mind that Toyota considers the hatchback to be a door in the sub-compact class of vehicles. 

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Toyota Tacoma and the Countless Safety Features

Why is the Toyota Tacoma being hailed again this year as a popular midsize pickup truck? Maybe it has something to do with all the unique safety features packed inside.

After the Toyota Tacoma reaches a certain speed, the Automatic High Beams kick into action. This will help you see further at night. Mo worries about accidentally leaving them on; they automatically toggle back to low beams if another vehicle is detected. One of the safety featured geared toward keeping drivers more alert is the Lane Departure Alert. 

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Toyota Corolla Technology Features

The 2018 Toyota Corolla is packed with new advanced technology features. In the latest version, drivers have the most safety options, as advanced as any of the luxury vehicles and premium features that would cost you more with other brands. In the standard model, you get Entune, Toyota's infotainment system that now has Siri Eyes Free. This voice-enabled control allows you to do mostly anything without ever having to look at your phone. 

You can use Entune to access music, navigation, diagnostics, and safety features. 

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Get State-of-the-Art Safety with the Toyota CH-R

The Toyota CH-R has fast become a favorite sub-compact SUV in Concord thanks to its versatility, great cargo space and, above all, its outstanding safety features. Safety is important in any vehicle, especially in a smaller SUV. Toyota gives you the latest protection through a variety of standard and optional features. 

Ten airbags are standard and include advanced driver and front passenger airbags as well as side and rear curtain airbags, among others. Every C-HR also has Toyota's Star Safety System that combines a number of advanced safety technologies. 

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Try the Toyota 86 Sports Experience

The 2018 Toyota 86 offers performance features for Concord, CA driving enthusiasts. The Boxer Four engine has a balance of high performance and fuel economy. In sports mode, it has an enhanced rear differential in manual transmission models. The unique set of gears keeps the vehicle in ready response to accelerate quickly from low speeds. This feature helps when maneuvering through twists and turns at low speeds. You can accelerate out of tight turns quickly.

Concord drivers appreciate the added safety of the vehicle stability control system. 

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Why Should You Consider the Bold New Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander could be the perfect vehicle for you and your family. If you're looking for something comfortable, spacious, and high-quality, look no further than this incredible vehicle for your Concord, CA expeditions.

The Toyota Highlander is the ultimate family car. With seating for up to eight people, you can beat the incredible amount of space in this vehicle. Additionally, there are USB ports that make charger your devices easier than ever. 

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Discover New Toyota Camry Safety Features

One of the many features figured prominently in the Toyota Camry is safety. The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA), for instance, provide you with an indicator in areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. You’re automatically warned when another vehicle is approaching on either side of yours.

Another safety feature offered on the Toyota Camry is 10 airbags. Although this is an aspect that you hope you never have to test, it’s reassuring to know they’re installed for you when they are required. 

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Explore the Confidence of ToyotaCare in New Toyota Vehicles

Whether you are purchasing a new Toyota model or you are going to be leasing a vehicle from us, having that vehicle in your possession can be overwhelming when you think about all of the routine maintenance that needs to be done and wondering if your vehicle is going to be reliable when you need it most. Toyota offers customers a program called ToyotaCare, which gives you the peace of mind that you need when it comes to relying on your vehicle. For free, you have access to routine maintenance at our location that includes things like:

  • Routine oil changes…
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Why Gaskets Keep Your Car Running

It is very important for new car owners to know the basics of the way in which their vehicle works. That is why we are here at Concord Toyota, located right in Concord, CA, want to give you the basics of your vehicle including why gaskets keep your car operating correctly.

Without gaskets, your vehicle would be constantly leaking engine fluids as well as expelling very hot and pressurized gases. Luckily, gaskets keep all of this from happening by sealing in all liquids and gasses in the engine. 

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