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Autotrader Lists '5 Reasons to Buy' 2017 Toyota Camry

It was in a post just last month that we here at Concord Toyota profiled our compact-sedan standout, the Corolla.

Not to be outdone, however, today we turn our attention to the Corolla's midsized stablemate, the 2017 Camry.

Ride along with Autotrader reviewer Amanda Salas to see for yourself what all the fuss is about:

Though the Camry's entry-level engine -- an 178-horsepower four-cylinder -- sure is nothing to sneeze at, it nonetheless can't quite hold a candle to the sedan's available engine upgrade, a 3.5-liter V6.

Offered as an option on the XSE and XLE models…

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Toyota Has a Sensational Compact SUV in the 2017 RAV4

If you're searching for a compact crossover for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Concord Toyota suggest you do yourself a solid and try ours -- the 2017 RAV4 -- on for size.

Could this be the one you've been waiting for all along?

Check the clip below to find out. Here to offer up the need-to-know details about the latest RAV4 is carwow commentator Mat Watson:

There is but one engine option available on the RAV4. Thankfully, though, it's a great one.

Coupling with a six-speed automatic transmission, this 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine makes a hearty 176…

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Cars.com Piles on Praise for 2017 Toyota Highlander

Take it from your friends here at Concord Toyota: we tend to recognize a good thing when we see one.

And we say this because such was our reaction upon first meeting the 2017 Highlander, the Japanese automaker's full-size SUV. With only one look, we all were head-over-heels.

Click "play" on the clip below to see it for yourself. Here now to spotlight this standout SUV is Cars.com personality Mark Williams:

So, you want an entry-level trim that doesn't skimp on the good stuff, huh? Well, then, the L is sure to satisfy.

Standard features on this…

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2017 Toyota Corolla Charms AutoGuide.com Critics

Are you in the market for a compact sedan for you and yours? Well, if so, please allow your chums here at Concord Toyota an opportunity to play automotive matchmaker.

And with which member of the fleet would we like to set you up?

Why, none other than the 2017 Corolla! Check the clip below to hear all about it from AutoGuide.com Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

Arguably our favorite from the Corolla catalog, the mid-level LE Eco model sure has a whole heck of a lot going for itself. Syncing with a continuously variable transmission, its 1.8-liter four-cylinder…

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Head Out for a Weekend of Adventure in a Toyota RAV4

Have been in the hunt for a capable compact-SUV that you can take out for adventurous getaways? Our go-to choice here at Concord Toyota has always been the Toyota RAV4, which has consistently succeeded at offering a balanced package of features that are meant for the outdoors. With plenty of ground clearance and a reliable all-wheel drive system in place, you'll probably be able to count the places you can't go easier than you can count where you can.

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Get a Glimpse of the Sleek New 2018 Toyota Camry

After fifteen years as the best-selling car in the country, Toyota has removed its gauntlets of safe, proven design and stepped into unfamiliar territory with the reveal of the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry. After be consistently viewed as an entry-level model, this latest Camry combats its critics with a smart, aerodynamic profile that hits the road with greater passion in its performance. This peppier take on the mid-size sedan comes to the joy of many drivers, including our excited team here at Concord Toyota!


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Esoteric Science Fiction References & Hydrogen-Powered Bliss: Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen power is taking California by storm as the next big eco-friendly fuel. Hydrogen is also fascinating from a scientific point of view. Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has long been an outspoken supporter of the Toyota Mirai. Recently, he appeared in a delightfully animated 3D form (really -- the rendering is adorable!) for a Toyota Mirai 360 Video...

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Optimize Fuel Efficiency & Reliability with an Oil Change at Concord Toyota

Did you know, according to the EPA Fuel Economy Guide, using the correct grade of motor oil for your vehicle, and attending to other maintenance needs, can improve gas mileage by 5 percent?

You bought a Toyota because of your commitment to the environment, and your fondness for practical cars that don't break down easily. Keeping both of these qualities strong is easy -- just call, or schedule a service appointment online for an oil change at Concord Toyota.

Our service technicians use only genuine Toyota motor oil, formulated to the specifications of your model to optimize fuel efficiency.


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Could Toyota's New DNA Analysis Technology Help Breed Drought-Resistant Crops?

California farmers have had a rough few years, facing an unrelenting drought. Rather than redirecting potable drinking water, or water needed by native aquatic species, onto farm fields, the best long-term solution may be to breed new varieties of crops that thrive in arid soil.

But developing new plant varieties takes time and patience, if you're doing things...

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How the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Will Change the World

Our favorite celebrity-scientist has to be Bill Nye. We all remember chanting along, "Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill" with the Science Guy TV show as kids.

Nowadays, he has taken a serious stand on the environment and climate change. If we may borrow his catchphrase for a moment, here at Concord Toyota, we believe that together we can -- dare we say it? -- change the world!

The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 sets...

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